The Total Woman Project

We teach and empower girls and women to recognize, value and exhibit the dignity of womanhood; to become role models of an ideal woman, the total woman who is worth more than precious jewels; to achieve their full potentials; to make positive impacts in their schools, work places, families, communities and the nation; to become successful career women, wives and mothers and increase their participation in the labor force.

WDI girls and women are conscious of their potentials, they have self-esteem and are self-confident, they delight in constant learning and are successful in school, they demonstrate academic and emotional intelligence, they graduate from tertiary institutions and become successful in their career and marriages. WDI girls and women live above gender, economic and social barriers and are fulfilled in their endeavors.

We uphold and promote the beauty and dignity of womanhood by encouraging participation of girls and women in all aspects of life by:
1. Organizing programs targeted at developing confidence and self-esteem
2. Organizing seminars and workshops to teach girls on fundamentals of emotional intelligence, healthy relationships, successful marriage, and striking a family – work balance
3. Providing guidance and counselling programs
4. Organizing training workshops on leadership and entrepreneurship skills
5. Organizing community lectures involving boys and men as co-participants on topics relating to cultural and societal practices to uphold women’s dignity.