Girls in STEM and ICT

We focus on middle and high schools in remote areas and organize:
1. Career talks and fairs to spark interest, attract and motivate girls towards STEM and ICT fields
2. Industrial or scientific visits to Companies, Universities, Research Institutes and ICT firms
3. Seminars and workshops involving role models to encourage girls’ participation in STEM and inculcate positive beliefs in women's abilities
4. WDII Scholar Award competitions and give prizes to best Female students in STEM in selected Middle and High Schools and free registration to participate in annual WDII Women and Girls in STEM conference
5. Annual WDII Women and Girls in STEM Conference which provides avenue for girls to meet and interact with successful career women who can serve as role models
6. Inaugurate after school Girls in STEM clubs such as Girls Excelling in Mathematics and Science (GEMS) Club